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CODE Beacon

CODE Beacon

The Project

      The CODE Beacon was created to entice audiences to the Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition’s Live exhibition. The sign (which will soon be transformed into signage for the Centre for Digital Media) features eco-friendly LED lights as well as animations which are easily updated using our self-created software. The beacon was a huge success due to the hardworking team I affectionately named “Team Kobiyashi Maru,” who overcame a tight budget and a short timeline to an impressive result and a happy client. Having my vision produced and leading Kobiyashi Maru was my most rewarding experience to date in the MDM program. Team Kobiyashi Maru still exists since there have been multiple offers to use the sign and its software and we are currently planning a design for the second model.

My Role

Creative Director - Team Lead     

Team Kobiyashi Maru

Technical Director: Jeffrey Lane Project Manager: Khadija Ghazi
Software Engineer: Dashan Yue Concept Art: Matthew Schade
Electrical: Animesh Jha Animations: Tony Cheung, Jason Ho, Clark Kim and Matthew Schade
Construction: Ryan Klesc, Taylor Kachmarski Permissions: Ian McDonald

What I learned

There were many great challenges in the production of the CODE Beacon. After proposing a very ambitious project for a high profile event, not receiving the budget requested and not having more than 3 weeks seemed like an insurmountable task. This is where the help of a great team came in and made the impossible possible. By working hard for our client and ourselves, refusing to compromise on quality and the goals of the product we found great joy in the execution of the CODE Beacon. I also learned important lessons about providing artists and engineers with what they need to be successful. Tool building and rapid prototyping was essential and a great way to stay motivated. I also learned what it means to be completely supported by a strong team – it was challenging, nerve racking and intense and it was also one of the greatest things I’ve ever worked on.

Experience the CODE Beacon

Take a look at our design document as approved by the Cultural Olympiad here.


Over 900 solder joints, LED strips, Arduino Micro Controllers
Software: C++, Javascript
Concept Art: Photoshop, Flash, Code Beacon Editor

CODE Beacon Photos

Click for full size
First Addition of Face Plate First Light My Dream Realized Successful Solders Team Kobiyashi Maru on Presentation Day Testing the Circuits


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