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Operation H2O

Operation H2O

My Role

Game Director / Lead Designer (Internship) 

The Internship

I was employed over the summer as the Game Director on a prototype for a social game about water that would be a joint venture from the DeGaspe Beaubien Foundation and Guy Laliberte, founder of the Cirque du Soleil's One Drop Foundation. For the first two months we researched, ideated and met with our target market. For our last two months we joined with our graphic artists and flew to Montreal to work where both foundations were located. This was an amazing opportunity since I was able to live for two months in a new city, work on a great project and of course, see and work in the headquarters of Cirque du Soleil, a brilliant company, world renowned for its excellence. We were also afforded to work closely with Cirque/ One Drop's project managers and creative directors, including one who specifically oversaw our work. In the end we created a prototype in Facebook and presented it successfully to a very prestigious board of directors.

*Note: Due to the ongoing nature of the project many elements remain under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

What I learned

I learned an immense amount during my internship that I bring everyday to my new projects. I learned a great deal about social games, games for change, alternate reality games and most importantly, water. I was afforded constant contact and we scheduled many meetings with our target audience, where we got great feedback on our process. Finally I learned a great deal about how to communicate the work to anyone (especially non-gamers!) and finally communicating it to a very prestigious and experience board of directors. The clients allowed me a lot of creative freedom and there were many important presentations where I could sharpen my skills. I learned that as much as you need to do great work and be passionate about the work it is all useless if you can't communicate it out. Therefore communication and presentation should be built into the timeline and the role of a team member. Its importance should not be overlooked.

Finally on a personal note, I learned about water, which we take for granted, and which is so necessary for everyone in the world. I learned that we have very little water, we constantly pollute that water and the our water may not be as safe as we are lead to believe. I also learned a lot from two organizations whose goal is to help and protect real people. Their passion comes from a need to help, rather than from a desire for financial success. It gave me a lot of perspective and I hope to bring that desire to help in any work that I take on.    

My Team: Team AGUA

Technical Director: Al Sinoy Graphic Artist: Milim Kim
Graphic Artist: Jason Ho  

Operation H2O Photos

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Gameplay Tutorial Ocean Code BP is always a problem... Dreamy Moment a la Cirque Bye Bye Montreal!


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