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Virtual Rainforest Initiative

Pacific Wild

The Project

Status: In Production (Ending in April 2010)

           The Virtual Rainforest Initiative proposed by Pacific Wild was the winner of “The Big Push,” a social change initiative sponsored by the MDM to take on a project focused on conservation and education. Pacific Wild is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Great Bear Rainforest. We are working remotely with Pacific Wild in conjunction with the First Nation schools in Bella Bella and Hartley Bay to provide Smart Board educational modules and customized interactive activities that will feature Pacific Wild’s media content. We will also be presenting an interactive live streaming portal straight from their cameras in the rainforest. We believe that by creating a sense of community and shared stories we can help draw attention to our rich natural landscape and the need to protect it.

My Role

Project Manager            

What I am learning

I am learning to integrate "design thinking" into my project management process, which includes clearly visualizing goals, rapid prototyping and using the room as a surface for our ideas. We are also experiencing the difficulties of a remote client, since Bella Bella and the First Nations communities there are quite removed. Mockups, prototypes, concept briefs and design documents have the been essential to staying on "the same page" but it is quite challenging.

Team Pacific Wild MDM

Producer: Ryan Nadel
Jeff Lane: Technical Co-Lead
Anshul Goyal: Technical Co-Lead
Airlia Hansen: Experience Design
Xiao Rui Li: Art Design


Smart Notebook Software, Photoshop, Excel, Post it Notes!

Pacific Wild Photos

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Pacific Wild Team Website Goals Website Mockup



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