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Current Work

Associate Producer - Gardens of Time from Disney's Playdom

Please see my resume for more information.

Digital Projects

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2010 Summer - 2011

Ubisoft - Pwny Arcade

Microsoft - Banana Samurai

Microsoft - Nom Nom Rider


2009-2010 Spring

CODE Beacon

CODE Beacon

Creative Director - Team Lead

An fully animated LED sign chosen to act as a beacon for the Cultural Olympiad's CODE Live exhibition.

Pacific Wild

Virtual Rainforest Initiative

Project Manager

A series of educational modules and a live streaming web community featuring the media from a non-profit organization called Pacific Wild, dedicated to educating the world about The Great Bear Rainforest.


Our Grind

Project Manager

A social networking site created for the active community who engage in the Grouse Grind. The site focused on Competition and Community, two aspects of this Vancouver fitness tradition.



Creative Director - Project Manager

A playable 3D Game created entirely in a 48-hour period for my first Design Jam.



Writer - Editor

An interactive story which features two simultaneous perspectives controlled by the user. Beautiful HD photography and an intense narrative make this piece unique.

Air Styx

Writer - Video & Sound Editor

An interactive story which allows the user to explore the characters' ultimate moments since they will lose their lives based on the choices made.


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