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Team Pwny Arcade

Client: Ubisoft Vancouver

Ubisoft - Pwny Arcade

My Role

Associate Producer - Team Lead  

The Project

Pwny Arcade is a team of artists, designers and programmers working with Ubisoft on an existing Facebook property. We are collaborating with Producer Amanda Armer-Petrie on designing and implementing improvements over a three-month period launching in April 2011. Our goal is to improve existing socialization and monetization features and expand story elements while maintaining a harmonious look and feel. The team is excited to work with Ubisoft, a company with a long history of inspiring creativity.

Note: This project and the name of the work is currently under an Non-Disclosure Agreement. I will be able to share more once the work goes live in April 2011.   

My Team: Team Pwny Arcade

Creative Director: Matthew Schade Project Manager: Keith Alexander
Technical Artist: Kurt Diegert Software Engineer/UI: Lance Fu
Design Lead: James Scully Art & Animation Lead: Daniel Bohrer
Technical Asst.: Trevor Smale  

What I am learning...

We will not complete until April however I am already learning a lot about managing scope and expectations. This is also my first time leading a team of first year students, who are new to the the client project experience. Ubisoft has been a great client, giving us a lot of creative freedom. But occasionally with freedom and a lot of designers, scope can suffer. We are also integrating into existing code which is a challenge for our technical team. However, Ubisoft helped us greatly to mitigate that by allowing our engineers the chance to work with the engineer who created the original work. Their helpful attitude and encouragement is a a real boon for this project.

Pwny Arcade Photos

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Productive Smile Productive Stern Bedlam! Awkward...


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