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UBU: The Game

The Project

            UBU was our ambitious entry in the 48 hour Game Design Jam at the Centre for Digital Media. The concept, taken from one of my favourite plays, was based on the character of Ubu Roi (King Ubu) from French playwright Alfred Jarry’s play of the same name. Ubu personifies the greedy, selfish, gluttoneous monarch based originally on Macbeth and now influences the character of Homer Simpson. Sliding around a kitchen, on his back, mouth open, Ubu attempts to catch falling food to earn points while avoiding potentially fatal falling cutlery. Your job is to fill Ubu with all of his fattening favourites before Ma Ubu comes in to catch him. We chose simple mechanics so we could learn the Blender 3D modeling software and game engine. Enthusiasm was high and with great help from former MDM student Stephen Pugh we were able to submit a fun, playable game complete with scoring system and original soundtrack.

My Role

Creative Director - Project Manager

             In a 48 hour project one plays many roles and this was no exception. As beholder of the vision, I easily took on the role of creative director and project manager. In order to keep the team focused basic flow charts, needs and wants were laid out on white boards throughout the week-end. I also played a lot with the Blender modeling software, creating many of the final food and cutlery assets as well as "Ma Ubu," who’s geometric design was an homage to Oskar Schlemmar.

What I learned

            This was also my first time completing a project with an MDM  team. I really enjoyed the dynamic of working with talented people who are all so passionate and helping to drive towards a hard goal with new tools. This was a great experience and I learned a lot about my fellow classmates, their skills and drive. I would advise this exercise for anyone about to come into a tough program where you will be tested, it quickly teaches you the struggles and rewards of really pushing towards a goal, and it only takes a weekend!            

The Team

Game Engineering: Airlia Hansen
Environment Design: Jordan Braun
UBU Model: Alice Tai
Modelling/Soundtrack: Carmen Chow


Download to play Ubu here.

Tto play you must have the Blender software installed, but it’s open source so anyone can get it free right here.


Blender 3D Modelling Software and Game Engine, Maya (Ubu Model), Adobe Soundbooth (Soundtrack)

UBU Photos

Click for full size
First Concept Drawing Ubu and Food Assets Ubu and Food Assets 2 Ma Ubu Looks On Working on a Cookie



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